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Baha teach that they “honor Jesus” but they don honor what He

The difficult thing is having the discipline (and life situation) to put the hours in and actually stick with it.Some people have the passion but lack the time and freedom some people have the freedom but lack the passion some people just can’t stick with it or get bored with the diminishing returns (you get better more slowly as time goes on and you get past mastering the basics) and even still others just lack the proper wiring in their brains that allow that sort of long term honing of a single skill with an unwavering belief in themselves that they will get better eventually. But if you can get past those sorts of obstacles, it’s really easy. (/s)Edit: imagine how many insanely talented artists and athletes and inventors we’d have in the world if we all had the freedom and economic/emotional/medical/etc support to actually just pursue the things that we are passionate about.

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